How Do You Create a Letterhead?


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A letterhead should be simple, uncluttered and include pertinent contact information regarding the business. The logo of the business may play a big part in the overall design of the letterhead.

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A letterhead should be readable, so it is important to chose the right font size, type and color. The name of the business or organization should stand out, so the company address should be in a smaller font. To keep the look clean, only include necessary information that the business owner wants the customer to learn from the letterhead.

Business letterheads should be printed on high-quality paper because a professional-grade paper has the effect that the business is trustworthy and strong. Just as with all the printed materials that go along with advertising and branding a company, a letterhead is a visual representation of the business.

When choosing ink color, consider that black, gray, deep purple, rust or dark green are masculine colors; pink, yellow, peach, light gray and rose are feminine hues; warmer colors are red, gold, beige and yellow; and cool colors are turquoise, silver, white and mint green. If choosing natural shades, this includes dark reds, browns and golds, while brighter colors are red, green, yellow and purple. For an elegant look, people often choose navy, burgundy, silver, gold or platinum.

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