How Do You Create a Last Will and Testament From a Blank Form?


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To create a last will and testament from a blank form, fill in your personal information, your list of assets, and the beneficiaries of those assets, and choose your executor, explains Rocket Lawyer. You may also indicate who should be appointed guardian of your children.

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Writing a will is a way for you to designate what happens to your property and children after your death, states Rocket Lawyer. A blank will form allows you to answer specific questions to compile your own personalized will.

When selecting beneficiaries, it is common for people select children, spouses, close friends and other relatives to receive certain possessions. When appointing an executor, choose someone you trust to carry out your wishes, and make sure it is a person who has the ability to handle all of the financial and legal matters regarding your estate, recommends Rocket Lawyer. Choosing a guardian makes sure your children are taken care of in the event of your death. Usually, the first appointed guardian is your spouse, but it helps to indicate a separate provision in the event something happens to your spouse as well.

In order for your will to be valid, you must sign it and be of legal age and mentally competent. You need witnesses to attest to the fact that you knew what you were signing, says Rocket Lawyer.

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