How Do You Create an Invoice for a Painting Business?


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To create an invoice for a painting business, use word processing or spreadsheet software to build a template that is usable for any job. Some software programs have invoice templates that you edit to fit your business needs. Include the name and address of your business, the invoice data or goods purchased, a description of the goods or service and the total of the invoice, including taxes.

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At the top of the invoice place the name of the business, the address and phone number, an email address and a website. If your business has a logo, paste it over or beside the contact information. Under the contact information, write the name of the person or business you are invoicing. Below this, or on the opposite side of the invoice, include the invoice date, the payment due date and an invoice number for filing purposes.

In the body of the invoice, make a line item that describes the goods and services for which the client is being billed. For example, if you painted the office walls, write "interior paint service." In a box next to the description, write the rate for service, whether hourly, by area or a flat fee. Create as many line items as needed.

At the bottom of the billing section, include the amount for taxes, if necessary, and the total sum of all charges. Below the total, write out any terms for payment or penalties for late payment. Create a comments section for any special instructions or information. If there are not any additional comments, thank the client for the business.

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