How Do You Create an Invoice?


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To create an invoice, you need to include a professional header, contact information for the customer, details of the invoice and services performed. Invoices should be sent along with the work or at an agreed-upon date.

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  1. Create a professional header

    List the name of your business or your legal name along with your contact information. Make the header with a bigger font than the rest of the invoice

  2. List the client's contact information

    Specify who the invoice is for, and include the receiver's address, phone number and any other important information. Split up the two blocks of contact information so that your information is above and to the right of your client's while the client's information is on the left.

  3. List the details of the invoice

    List the invoice number if the work was performed for a regular client along with the date the invoice was sent and when payment is due. If you require faster payment, you can write "due upon receipt." The invoice should also include whether you prefer to get paid by check, PayPal or with a direct deposit into your bank account.

  4. List the services performed

    Specify the work that was completed for the client. Include a detailed description of the work, dates the work was performed, how many hours were spent on the work and how much work was performed.

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