How Do I Create an Information List for a Babysitter?

How Do I Create an Information List for a Babysitter?

When leaving a child in the care of a babysitter, it is imperative that parents leave clear information and instructions for the sitter. An information list containing contact information is essential for emergency situations.

  1. Leave contact information for one or both parents or guardians

    Provide a mobile phone number or pager number as well any other number where the parent or guardians can be reached. While cell phones are a must, providing the number of the restaurant or other location is also helpful.

  2. Provide emergency contacts and other information

    Emergency personnel include police, the fire department, poison control and the local hospital. It's also wise to provide a back-up emergency contact, such as a friend or neighbor, in the event that the sitter cannot reach the parent or parents. It's also wise to share an emergency escape route if one exists, as well as the location of a first-aid kit and fire extinguisher.

  3. Include all medical and feeding information for the child or children

    Provide information such as allergies, medications needed, tendencies, or food and drinks that should be avoided.