How Do You Create an Individual Development Plan?


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Create an individual development plan by reflecting upon your life and evaluating your current performance, successes and failures. Then, set goals, and plan to attain them. Set a deadline to ensure you attain your goals within a specific timeline, and analyze your competencies and weaknesses. Acknowledge the opportunities and threats that could enhance or hinder the realization of your goals, and put effort into developing new skills and executing your plan.

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Determine your life goals and the aspects that are likely to enrich your personal life, and order the goals based on their importance. A deadline lets you define the time limit within which to attain your goals. While planning, specify what you intend to achieve, and be realistic about your expectations. Note the strengths that define you, and focus on them to achieve your goals. Identify the habits that can facilitate the attainment of your aims and those that are likely to derail your efforts, before determining the actions you need to take.

Put effort into pursuing your aims or goals, and determine the skills you need to improve. By taking action, you can make progress towards your goals. Evaluate your performance, and note the areas requiring more attention, along with the remedial action you need to take to stay on track. Performance evaluation involves recording, tracking your progress and aligning your actions with the development plan.

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