How Do You Create an Income and Expense Spreadsheet?


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To create an income and expense spreadsheet, use a spreadsheet program to create a table detailing all incomes and expenses, and then fill in and calculate the necessary figures, explains The Nest. Copy and paste the template in other sheets for all months.

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Start by dividing all bills into groups and sum up the totals, advises The Nest. For example, you may add water and electric bills for one month and include them in the same class. Add all earnings, including your spouse's income. A person who gets paid ever week should multilply the amount by four to get the total monthly earnings.

In column A, label row 2 through 4 as follows: anticipated income, actual income and difference, notes The Nest. In column B, enter the amount you expect to earn in row 2 and the exact amount you get in row 3. The exact amount should be a negative in order to compare the figure with the amount you predict to get. Key in "=SUM(B2:B3)" in the fourth row of column B and press Enter to display the difference.

In the rest of the rows in column A, enter all the group names of expenses, and key in the corresponding anticipated and difference values in column B rows, states The Nest. Enter the negative values of the actual expense in column C, and key in "=SUM(B5:C5)", altering the row number as necessary to calculate the difference between anticipated and actual expenses.

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