How Do I Create a Grocery Budget for a Single Person?

How Do I Create a Grocery Budget for a Single Person?

Grocery budgeting helps you control expenses as well as get the nutrients you need. If you're a single person tired of spending too much money at the store, it's important to develop a budget and stick to it. Learn how to create a grocery budget that is suitable for you.

  1. Calculate your monthly fixed expenses

    Include rent, utilities, cell phone, car payment, student loans and insurance. Subtract your total expenses from your monthly net income. Make a list of other expenses, such as food, gas, savings, clothing, entertainment. Also leave room to include other things, such as haircuts and dry cleaning.

  2. Create a weekly shopping list

    Determine how much you want to allocate for groceries. Shop with a list to prevent unnecessary or impulse purchases. Estimate the cost of each item. Review the list and eliminate non-essential items.

  3. Shop on a full stomach

    Don't shop when you're hungry so you buy only what you need. Pay attention to expiration dates.

  4. Take advantage of sales

    Look for sale items to save money. Purchase generic store brands to save significantly. Sign up for a store's loyalty card to earn discounts. Use the weekly coupons and store flier to buy the items you need that are on sale.

  5. Check the cost of products

    Make sure you really need an item if it costs more than expected. Decide if you want to pass on another item to buy it.