How Do You Create a Grievance Form?


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Create a grievance form by creating a blank document in a word processing program, adding the company's name and the form's title at the top of the page, and including multiple blank sections for the employee's name, the nature of the grievance and the names of any other parties involved. The form also needs to feature short instructions explaining the process for filling out each step, as well as a space for the signatures of the employee and a supervisor.

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Many companies use grievance forms to allow employees to submit official complaints about activities that take place within the office or actions that another employee takes, ranging from unfair promotions to issues with behavior. These forms sometimes feature brief descriptive titles and introductions, explaining that the form may enter into official company records and involve further action or participation from the party completing it. The first section of the form commonly includes areas where the employee filing it may enter a name, title and contact information, for classification purposes.

The body of the form consists of multiple sections where an employee can explain the details of the grievance, often starting with a brief description of the matter. It also includes sections to list the names of any other people the grievance affects, even if there is no single person responsible for the matter. It may also include an area for the employee to request that the company take specific action to rectify the situation.

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