How Do You Create a Good Nursing Resume?

How Do You Create a Good Nursing Resume?

To create a good nursing resume, make sure to include relevant clinical and nursing experience. This includes nursing school experience. Doing this is one way to highlight specific skills and experience to convince a hiring manager that you are the best applicant.

A nursing resume should start with your contact information, including your name, address, phone number and email. Next, include your objective, which specifically indicates what job you are applying for.

The next section is the qualifications summary, which allows you to highlight your most relevant qualifications that make you the most suitable candidate for the position. After this, include the aforementioned relevant clinical or nursing experience. The next section should highlight employment experience outside of the health care field that your prospective employer should be aware of.

Next, include a skills summary. This lets you specify your skill set, which might include skills such as being good with difficult patients or adept at locating veins. In describing your skills, incorporate some of the keywords from the original job posting.

Then, describe your educational experience and other professional development. This includes any coursework, training, and licenses or certifications that you have.

The last section should describe any professional affiliations you have with organizations related to health care. Also list any volunteer work you have performed, which shows the prospective employer your desire to help others even without a paycheck.