How Do You Create a Fundraising Sponsorship Form?

To create a fundraising sponsorship form, find a layout on for free. Once the form template has been chosen and downloaded, the layout can be customized with Microsoft Word or Open Office Word.

When the layout is downloaded, the logo of the event should be placed on the very top of the form. Underneath, place the vision statement, mission statement or a short blurb that will be used to promote the cause. Under the "Who we are" section is where the sales pitch for the project or event will go. Briefly but thoroughly describe the project using positive imagery and forward thinking statements.

Insert facts and statistics to emphasize the need for help. Have a reference to back up facts and make the organization look very credible. Sponsors will contribute more to organizations that have a grasp of the event idea and have a workable plan for the project. Be prepared to answer questions if a prospective sponsor needs more information. Normally sponsors seek some sort of publicity for sponsoring an event. It can range from a brief mention verbally or the event carrying the sponsor's name. Normally a sponsor should be named by "provided by" or "funded by."