How Do You Create a Family Budget Template?


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Create a family budget template by choosing the medium that works for you, such as paper or electronic, then outlining all of your family's income sources. Next, make a list of all the fixed and variable expenses, such as rent, groceries, insurance and clothing, without entering in specific dollar amounts.

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How Do You Create a Family Budget Template?
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The basic concept behind creating a family budget template is to identify all of the revenue streams and expenditures for the family within a given month, then create new entries for each month within the year. If you use a spreadsheet program you then create formulas that automatically find the sums of your income and expenses, deduct the expenses from the income, then add the remaining money to the next month's starting cash on hand. In a paper template, you must perform the calculations manually for each month and if you make any changes.

Income sources typically include a monthly salary for each member of the family that works, though you may also receive income from investments or rental properties you own. If you have variable income sources, such as interest on savings accounts, include these in a separate income section. Fixed expenses include monthly rent or mortgage payments, insurance premiums and bills that don't vary according to usage. Variable expenses are any costs that change each month. Once you identify each income source and expense, make an area for totaling each and finding the net income for the month.

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