How Do You Create an Expense Report Template?


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When creating an expense report template, first consider all the expense reporting rules required by the government or company requesting the report. Then, create a place for each required item and category to be entered in word processing, spreadsheet or data management software.

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Templates ensure expense reports always contain the same information in the same order and can be created using Microsoft Office or another software. Each program may have its own way of saving a template file so the software specifically recognizes it as a template, and this information is contained in a support manual or help section if the software has this functionality.

When deciding what information to request, consider what company policy requires to be tracked, which expenses might be deductible on tax forms and which expenses employees need to be reimbursed for. Categories of expenses such as transportation, vendors, and dates of purchase are all useful for tax and accounting purposes and should be requested on the template.

Finally, consider the user of the template and what he may be confused about to provide instructions on the template. List any supporting documents, such as receipts that should be provided along with the expense report, and indicate where the report should be submitted.

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