How Do You Create Equipment Stickers?

Equipment stickers can be created using commercial printing services or at home using a computer printer and self-adhesive labels. Printing the sticker designs is best done on vinyl that has a strong, fade-resistant and waterproof adhesive.

StickerMaker advises using the Xyron Sticker Machine when making stickers. This machine is non-electric and portable. The equipment can make several types of stickers, including photos, die cuts and computer printouts, as long as one has access to an acid-free adhesive.

The first step in creating equipment stickers involves designing the stickers. The design may be a drawing one has made, printouts or cut-outs from magazines. The stickers are then cut out depending on the user’s preferences. During this step, one can add other features to the design of the sticker. The sticker is placed on the sticker maker and then pulled through the machine. The sticker maker applies adhesive on the sticker. Once stickers run through the sticker maker, they are ready to use. One just peels them and sticks them onto the equipment.

When looking for sticker makers, one should insist on removable, permanent and durable adhesives. Also, depending on the equipment, the stickers have to be versatile in case they are used on vehicles, doors, walls or windows. The sticker paper should be tamper-proof and weatherproof.