How Do You Create an Employee Survey?

Leaders can create employee surveys by identifying the purpose of the survey, choosing the proper type of survey, ensuring other leaders are aware of the benefits of the survey and developing questions that answer the intended purpose, notes Leaders can write their own questions, or they can utilize survey services offered from professional organizations.

To create an employee survey, follow the steps below.

  1. Choose the type of survey
  2. Employee surveys serve to assess factors such as satisfaction, opinion, attitude, benefits and exit interviews among others, states Leaders need to determine what information they need to gather in order to create a valuable survey.

  3. Get leaders on board
  4. Employee surveys only work if management is committed to making changes based on the results, notes Management should understand the desired outcomes of the survey and create an action plan based on the results.

  5. Develop the survey
  6. After identifying the purpose of the survey, identify which employees need to take the survey and create a template based on their needs. Many organizations, such as and, offer questionnaire templates that leaders can tailor to meet their specific needs. Questions can be presented as multiple choice, comments, essays or rating scales, among other options. Ensure team members understand that the survey results are anonymous and confidential to receive honest feedback.