How Do You Create an Employee Schedule Template?

Create an employee schedule template in Microsoft Excel by opening a new document and creating a column to store the names of each employee. Make additional columns to cover the work dates, as well as factors such as pay rate or shift locations.

The basic structure of an employee schedule template should allow both the employees and employers to identify the times and responsibilities of each person at any time. As such, the first step to creating a template is to make a dedicated area to display the names of each employee, usually as the column furthest to the left on the spreadsheet. Reserve the top row of the sheet for column headers, adding additional formatting such as a background color or cell border to distinguish it from the rest of the document. Next, determine the time period for the schedule, such as a single week, a pay period or a full month, and place the dates in the top row to the right of the name header.

Consider adding additional areas before the date columns to track other aspects of the employee work schedule, such as the total number of hours the employee works during that period, the pay rate or notes about that time period. The cells that correspond to an employee's name and date may contain shift name and duration, though the template does not need to have any set data in this field.