How Do You Create an Effective Marketing Plan in Word?


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Create an effective marketing plan in Microsoft Word by using the formatting options to make several unique sections that cover the different aspects of the plan. Use font size and style to make headings for key points, such as promotion plans and target audience evaluations, with bullet points beneath them.

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One key element to creating a successful and effective marketing plan in Microsoft Word is organization. Word allows you to freely change the size, appearance and indentation of text, so you can group the various elements of the plan into distinct sections. Begin by choosing a clear, legible font and using the preset formatting options to set the heading formatting. Then list out the main points of your plan. Marketing plans typically include an executive summary, unique value properties, target audiences, distribution plans and promotional tactics.

After creating the main categories, make a new line beneath each heading and insert a bullet point list. Write your strategy's basic concepts and important details for each section. Include both general concepts and actionable strategies to ensure the plan is useful. Complete the plan by converting the bullet points into detailed sections that include your goals for each area and the steps to achieve them.

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