How Do You Create an Effective Classified Ad?

To create an effective classified ad, it is important to write a compelling headline, outline the benefits of the product and service, and write a full description before one begins cutting words. It's also important to use abbreviations and shorter phrases so that the classified ad fits in the allotted space.

An effective classified ad begins with a headline that either briefly states the product or service offered, such as "Truck Parts for Sale," or captures the attention of its target audience, like a classified ad that reads "Smokers Needed." Below the headline, a few relevant details can help distinguish an ad from other classifieds on the page. For example, a used car ad might list mileage, model year, or make, while an ad for a work-from-home opportunity would advertise a flexible schedule.

Effective classified ads rarely use full sentences, since they have to balance information with brevity. An ad for a product should quickly list product benefits, and saying "Saves money and time" instead of "This can save you money and time" gives the writer more space to include further benefits of the product, reasons a reader should be interested in an opportunity, or required qualifications for a position.