How Do You Create a Depreciation Schedule Worksheet?


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Create a depreciation schedule worksheet or template using basic spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel. Create columns for the basic information necessary in a deprecation schedule. Decide on the type of depreciation you intend to use and enter that formula in the final column.

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Start by labeling the columns based on the information you want to include. Basics such as asset name, acquisition date, acquisition cost, estimated useful life, estimated salvage value, and depreciation value are all important to include. Also consider including information such as asset class, description, location, or serial number. In the depreciation value column, enter the depreciation valuation formula. For example, a worksheet using straight-line depreciation has a formula referencing the values in the acquisition cost, salvage value and useful life columns. The formula is the sum of acquisition cost minus estimated salvage value divided by estimated useful life. Use a different formula based on the specific type of depreciation needed.

After structuring the main body of the depreciation schedule, format the worksheet for ease of navigation. Include a heading describing the company and depreciation method utilized. Format each column based on the type of information it contains. For example, the acquisition cost column is formatted for currency while the acquisition date column is in date format. Consider alternating the colors of the rows or bolding the column heading text. Finish the depreciation schedule by saving the spreadsheet.

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