How Do You Create a Cover Letter?


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A successful cover letter enhances but does not repeat what is written in a resume. Using the job description to help tailor a cover letter will ensure that the letter has relevant and persuasive content which highlights the accomplishments of the writer.

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Begin a cover letter by addressing the appropriate staff member at the company being applied to. This individual can be the human resources director or the individual that advertised the position. The first paragraph of a cover letter should include a salutation and explanation of why the letter is being written.

In the next paragraph, the letter should include a description of qualifications that match those mentioned in the job description. According to About.com, aim for identifying with half of the advertised requirements or up to five as a cover letter should be less than one page long. This paragraph should effectively describe what the writer will bring to a potential employer in the position being advertised.

A description of how the writer can be reached should form the conclusion paragraph of an effective cover letter. In the signature, there should be reliable contact information for potential employers to use for communication purposes. Review sample cover letters written in order to see successful examples and get additional stylistic ideas.

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