How Do You Create a Copy of Your Employment History?

Creating an employment history involves copying the contact information of former employers, noting past pay rates, writing thorough job descriptions and making note of past employment achievements. All of this information should be organized chronologically. You should create and store an electronic copy of your history and have reference letters available from your most recent employers.

In case potential future employers wish to get in touch with your past employers, the contact information for your past jobs should include your manager's company email address and phone number. If the company has gone out of business, be sure to note it on your contact information.

Adding your past salary to your employment history gives potential future employees the rate you're used to making and how much you might be expecting to make should you be hired. Your salary information should also include any benefits and health insurance plans you received at your last job. Should your employer not have your past pay rates, you might be able to request it from your state government's taxation department.

Any contracts you signed with past employers should also be included in your employment history. If you signed a non-compete clause in the past, check to see how long it applies before you apply for a job with a company that might be considered a competitor of your last company.