How Do You Create a Construction Estimate Sheet?

To create a construction estimate sheet, begin with an estimating checklist, and use it to customize an Excel estimating and budgeting spreadsheet, as Building Advisor recommends. Start by choosing the elements from the estimating checklist that are relevant to your project, combining elements that one vendor can handle.

Add custom items to the Excel estimating and budgeting spreadsheet to reflect the line items needed for your particular project, suggests Building Advisor. If a subcontractor is handling an entire construction category, you don't need to list all the line items under that category; listing the bid amount is sufficient. Each item should separate the costs of labor and materials.

Categories that require a breakdown of line items should be transferred to itemized bid worksheets to provide details within the category, as Building Advisor recommends. Breaking down individual units of a construction job, such as a kitchen or a bathroom, lets you itemize costs in as much detail as you require. Inserting new rows and columns into the estimate sheet allows for comparisons between bids from different vendors. The final numbers on an itemized construction worksheet can then be entered back into the estimating spreadsheet so you can view estimates for the entire project in one place.