How Do You Create Construction Agreement Forms?


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Create a construction agreement form by locating and modifying a template that matches the needs of the project through sites such as AllLaw.com or TidyForms.com or generating one through sites such as RocketLawyer.com, as of 2015. In either case, the form must include the names of all parties, a description of the construction work and an estimation of the cost and duration for the full project.

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A construction agreement form, also known as a construction contract, serves as an official and legally binding document that tracks the nature of a project to build or otherwise modify a physical structure. The exact nature of the form may vary depending on the nature of the construction, such as building a new structure on a plot of land or performing renovations on an existing property. The form begins by outlining the identities of the parties involved in the project, such as the name of the company or person performing the construction as well as that of the client.

It also needs to cover the full scope and requirements for the project, covering each aspect in clear detail so that both parties understand the work required. The form should also include a section for the contractor to estimate the types and amounts of materials she needs to complete the job, along with an estimation of costs. The contract needs to also include a definition of responsibilities and liabilities for each party, and a method to dissolve the agreement if necessary.

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