How Do You Create a Business Plan for a Small Nonprofit?


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Create a business plan for a small nonprofit much as you would a plan for a regular business, with sections for the executive summary, the services or products the nonprofit offers, and a needs analysis. The business plan should also detail the organizational structure, offer profiles of the CEO and other big players, lay out plans for advertising and explain how the nonprofit plans to get money as well as its annual predicted expenses and revenue.

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The needs analysis section documents the need for the products or services the nonprofit offers and explains other entities that provide similar services or products. The products or services section details the problem that such services or products solve and what objectives or goals they satisfy.

The organization and management section includes a chart illustrating the hierarchies of the nonprofit staffers as well as features on major players such as the CEO.

Nonprofit business plans are critical for giving donors and charities an idea of why they should fund a nonprofit, and the plans also keep the organization grounded. Such plans also look at the risk involved in the venture and lay out metrics for success. As a nonprofit grows or changes, so should its business plan.

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