How Do You Create a Business Plan?


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Creating a business plan involves compiling specific information about a company into one document. Breaking a business plan into smaller sections allows readers to absorb the information fully. Writing one section at a time helps business owners remain focused on completing the plan.

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Most business plans include at least six sections that explain various aspects of a company. The executive summary, found at the beginning of a business plan, should be written last as it provides a summary of the other sections. Mission statements make up the second section of a business plan and provide information about the company and its goals. This section describes how owners plan to manage the company to meet specific goals. A detailed description of products and services offered make up the third section. This description outlines how a company stores and ships products and how it provides customer service. The fourth and fifth sections provide financial information, such as budget estimates, revenue forecasts and marketing strategies. These sections add essential data that business owners, partners and investors need to know in order to estimate how much it could cost to start and manage the company.

Business plans that contain management charts help maintain order and productivity amongst business owners and staff. Adding charts, figures and graphs to create an appendix helps illustrate complex points and financial claims found throughout the plan.

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