How Do You Create Business Cards for Selling DoTerra?

There are multiple ways to obtain business cards for selling doTerra essential oils, including designing the cards oneself or ordering pre-designed cards from a doTerra authorized partner. Independent distributors, also known as doTerra Wellness Advocates, may print business cards with their name, phone number and other relevant information for potential buyers to use. Pre-designed doTerra business cards may feature natural motifs or soothing colors and can include photos of doTerra oil bottles as a way of retaining brand identity, as shown by doTerra Print Store, an authorized doTerra partner.

Individual Wellness Advocates who wish to create their own cards and print them independently may want to familiarize themselves with good business card design before taking this project on. Business cards should have a focus element, such as a logo, that forms the primary visual content on the card, notes Entrepreneur magazine. It can be a good idea to keep the information included on the card to a minimum so the information is easy to read and remember. Contact and identifying information are the most important elements for a business card; this includes phone or fax numbers, email and website addresses, and the Wellness Advocate's name and title. Wellness advocates may want to carry multiple cards on them at all times to have them on hand for distribution.