How Do You Create a Brand?

Creating a brand begins by defining the market purpose of a company or product, including whatever features and benefits the brand offers to consumers, and then creating a brand image by designing a unique logo. A brand message must be developed and communicated to consumers.

Brand-building requires conducting research in the industry where the brand is to compete. Research uncovers consumer buying tendencies, preferences and interests. A strong brand conveys a memorable image that makes it stand out among competitors. In order to do this, it is necessary to list all of the ways the brand is beneficial to consumers. To be competitive, a brand must distinguish itself as being different in specific ways, such as bigger, stronger, faster, tastier, friendlier or more durable. Consumer benefits can be combined with a company's marketing mission to create a cohesive branding message.

Logo creation is an important aspect of brand building. Designing a logo involves developing a memorable symbol that serves to represent the brand in the public mind. A logo must be in tune with the precise image a company wishes to project. Brand messaging is the communications component of branding. All advertisements, promotions and public messages concerning the brand use the same manner of tone and voice.