How do you create a billing statement?


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Using an invoice template and ensuring that the right data is entered is the easiest way to create a billing statement. Most templates are designed for use in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel, though some are available for word processing programs.

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Companies and sites that provide templates for invoices and billing statements include Microsoft's own Excel site, Vertex42.com, OpenOffice and InvoiceBerry. By completing a template with the details of the billing business but leaving the company to be billed and amount due blank, a template specific to the company is created that can be filled in as required. This process can be set up as an automated function or mail merge in many cases.

Billing statements usually have the company name at the top and the customer's billing information underneath. The statement date and number, a customer ID and the remittance address are also useful things to add.

The account activity section shows the amount due and the payment due date. A full billing statement also shows the account summary. This provides a detailed billing and payment history, making it more comprehensive than a simple invoice. This allows the business that has been billed to reconcile its accounts more easily.

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