How Do You Create a Basic Consulting Contract?


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Create a basic consulting contract by forming a document that outlines the names of all parties involved, the exact nature of the work in question, the payment rate for the job and deadlines for both work completion and payment. It is possible to draft the document from scratch or use a template from sites such as LawDepot.com, Entrepreneur.com, RocketLawyer.com or BizTree.com, as of 2015.

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The general purpose of a consulting contract is to establish the initiation of a partnership between the client and the consultant, which includes the terms of the project and the promise of payment in a specific amount. As such, the first elements of a basic consulting contract are the names of all parties, along with language that clearly states who is responsible for the work and who is responsible for the payments. This section should also clearly state that by signing the contract, both parties agree to all terms that appear within.

Next, the contract must outline the work the consultant must perform, both in a general statement and with the appropriate amount of detail for any relevant activities. The contract should also contain the expectations of the client, such as providing documents or information to the consultant or if the client is to receive any progress reports on the project. The contract should conclude by specifying the payment rate for the project, either hourly or as a lump sum, and the completion date for the project.

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