How Do You Create an Authorization Form Template?


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Create an authorization form template by downloading one from a site such as PaySimple.com, BusinessFormTemplate.com or BizTree.com and modifying it to suit the general needs of your business. Alternatively, create your own template in a word processing program such as Microsoft Word.

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An authorization form's content and layout vary depending on the action for which authorization is sought, such as providing permission for a company to post recurring credit card charges or allowing a repair technician access to a premises. As such, the first step to creating an authorization form template is to identify the specific needs of your business by determining what action requires customer consent.

After determining your authorization form needs, you have the option to either modify an existing form from a business template website or create your own template. When modifying a form, take care to ensure that each element of the document is relevant to your needs and that it clearly outlines the actions which the customer or client approves.

To create your own form in a word processing program, use cell and box tools to create distinct sections within the form, such as a space to list separate actions or charges. Also include a statement that the person signing the form provides authorization for the actions that appear in the form, along with space for a signature.

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