How Do Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Employees Access Their Wage Statements?

As of 2015, Cracker Barrel employees can access their wage statements by logging into the Cracker Barrel online wage statement portal. This is a separate website from the primary Cracker Barrel employee portal.

As of 2015, Cracker Barrel employees can log in to wage statement portal with their username and password. The username corresponds to an individual's employee number. For first-time users of the website, the password is the last four digits of the user's Social Security number. Employees can also contact Cracker Barrel by phone or by email for assistance with accessing the wage statements. An employee may need to provide his employee number, last four digits of Social Security number and store location to the help service.

The primary employee website is not intended to access wage statements. It is used for items such as keeping track of an individual's Cracker Barrel schedule and other general information about working there.