How Is Coyote Fur Priced?


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The price of coyote fur depends on various factors, such as the geographical origin of the coyote, the density of the pelt, color, time of harvest and condition. Coyote furs highlight collars and cuffs as decorative trim and make good coats, blankets and hats.

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The coyote's geographical origin largely determines the pelt's color and density, with pelts from western coyotes generally heavier and more lush, and consequently more expensive than eastern coyotes. Time of harvest also determines the condition and quality of a coyote pelt and influences its price. For example, some fur buyers refuse to purchase pelts too early or too late in the trapping season because of the typically low quality of the pelts, and some companies do not buy pelts from coyotes caught after January. Animals caught in the coldest time of winter yield the most luxurious pelts. How the trapper skins, defleshes and stretches the pelt also affect its condition, quality and price.

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