What Is Covered in a One-Day Nail Course?


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Though the topics of courses may vary between instructors and institutions, a one-day nail technician course typically covers the basic safety and sanitation practices of the job, an explanation of the common tools and instruction on how to perform basic techniques. Some courses may focus on a particular type of nail application, such as acrylic nails, while others may offer a general overview of many styles.

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In most cases, manicurists must take a series of courses in order to pass a cosmetology exam and be able to legally work in the field, though some schools and companies offer short classes that cover the basic concepts of the job. In these cases, one-day classes frequently begin by explaining the common terms and job requirements of a manicurist, such as cleaning and painting nails and how to refer to specific tasks. Instructors may also demonstrate and explain the purpose of tools and equipment.

Once students have a basic understanding of the job, the courses may move on to cover the best practices for safely completing nail work. For example, a class may show students how to properly wash their hands, don the necessary safety equipment and handle basic procedures such as cleaning under the clients nails to avoid causing an infection in either party. The courses typically conclude with a demonstration or hands-on instruction for the tasks required of the job, including filing and shaping nails or applying different types of paint jobs.

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