What Is Covered by Medicare Part C and D?


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Medicare Part D is optional prescription drug coverage that is offered through Medicare and other approved private companies. Medicare Part C covers a wide range of medical interventions, including necessary lab tests, surgeries and doctor visits, explains Medicare.gov.

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Supplies such as wheelchairs and walkers are also part of Medicare Part C. Long-term treatment coverage includes nursing care facilities, nursing homes, hospice and home health care, states Medicare.gov. Medicare Advantage Plans, or Medicare Part C, have the same hospital and medical coverage that original Medicare does, and some include additional protection.

Medicare Part D provides prescription drug insurance to individuals covered by Medicare, states Medicare.gov. Other Medicare programs, such as private fee-for-service plans and advantage plans, sometimes have the Part D component. Individuals are not allowed to have more than one type of prescription coverage.

Although the coverage is at least as comprehensive as original Medicare, Part C plans sometimes have different out-of-pocket expenses and specialist referral rules, Medicare.gov reveals. The doctors, facilities, and suppliers that accept Part C plans are not necessarily those who are connected to Medicare. The cost associated with a specific Medicare Advantage Plan depends upon its individual characteristics, such as the monthly premium, deductibles and copayments as well as the medical needs of the client.

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