What Is Covered in Home Depot's My Apron?

Accessible to Home Depot employees, My Apron is an online network that lets users access their work schedules, benefits, payroll deposits, tax documents and personal information as well as educational information as it pertains to their position. Employees can apply for promotions or new positions through the online platform.

To use the My Apron system, employees must have user identification credentials and a corresponding password. The system is unavailable on computers or electronic devices outside of the Home Depot network.

Employees can view their schedules and payment history through My Apron. Also called the Employee Self-Service Validation, the online service allows workers the ability to add or modify information pertinent to their position with the company including tax records, job applications, health insurance forms and other benefits.

Home Depot is a retailer that specializes in home improvement materials and services. As of 2014, Home Depot currently has 365,000 employees and ranks in the top 50 of the world's most valuable brands, according to Forbes.com. Founded in 1978 by Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus, the company originally opened two flagship stores in Atlanta, Georgia. Home Depot is a company that boasts more than 2,200 stores across the nation with sales of more than $78 billion.