What Is Covered by Full Coverage Dental Insurance?


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Full coverage dental insurance can be used to describe any number of services provided by the dental health care provider, completely dependent on how it uses the term. "Full coverage" may mean dental cleanings, check-ups and X-rays at a reduced cost, while others assume it covers dental surgeries, states Humana.

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Full coverage is completely dependent on two factors: the insurance plan chosen for your lifestyle and the dental procedure that is taking or has taken place, notes ConsumersAdvocate. Although this is no standard among dental insurance health care providers, the types of insurance coverage are generally broken into three major categories: basic coverage, which includes certain cleanings and checkups; minor dental care, which may include tooth fillings; and major dental care, which may cover a portion of major procedures such as root canals.

The amount paid in a monthly or yearly premium has an effect on the type of procedure that may be discounted or covered, notes Humana. These limits and exclusions should be outlined and available upon request from your provider. The limits or exclusions guideline may be used to provide a more accurate interpretation of your potential dental coverage plan, which will tell you where your coverage ends and what services will not be provided.

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