Does Covered California Maintain a List of Doctors Who Take Medi-Cal?

Covered California does not maintain a list of doctors and other health care providers that accept Medi-Cal, according to Covered California. The health exchange website contains enrollment and eligibility information for several health insurance plans in the state, including Medi-Cal. Covered California provides a link to the Medi-Cal Managed Care Health Plan Directory from the California Department of Health Care Services, through which enrollees can search for local providers that participate in Medi-Cal.

Medi-Cal enrollees can search for a Medi-Cal managed care health provider on the DHCS website by visiting the Health Care Options section, notes the official state website. In the state of California, as of October 2015, more than 400 hospitals and approximately 130,000 health care providers participate in the Medi-Cal program, including doctors, pharmacists, dentists and other health care professionals.

In some California counties, only one health plan for Medi-Cal is available, explains the DHCS. In other counties, Medi-Cal enrollees have a choice of managed care health plans through various participating providers. More than 20 such health plans are available, depending on the Medi-Cal recipient's resident county. Participants in the health plan are able to search the directory for a particular plan, and then choose a primary care physician.