What Coverage Does Anthem Senior Advantage Provide in Ohio?


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Anthem Senior Advantage offers preventative health care, dental, vision, hearing and other basic and specialty care coverage in Ohio, HealthPocket claims. As of 2015, the plan offers primary care visits with a $15 copay and a $40 copay for specialty care.

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Senior Advantage Medicare plans have no monthly health or drug premium costs and no in-network deductible, HealthPocket reports. Out-of-pocket costs are limited to $4,000, and home health care is fully covered with no out-of-pocket costs. Inpatient hospital care, skilled nursing, diagnostic services, vision and hospice care are covered with specific limitations. Preferred generic drugs are available with a $5 copay, with specialty and brand-name drugs available at higher copays or with a coverage of 33 percent of the cost.

Preventative health care is available with no copay, urgent care is available at a $45 copay, and prosthetic devices are 20 percent covered by the plan, HealthPocket claims. Durable medical equipment purchases are covered at 20 percent of the total cost. Transportation costs, alternative therapies and over-the-counter products are not covered. Diabetes management care is fully covered with no out-of-pocket costs. Outpatient surgery is covered with little to no out-of-pocket expenses, and ambulance services are available with a $200 copay.

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