What Courses Are Included in the Online AFAA Certification Program?

What Courses Are Included in the Online AFAA Certification Program?

The online Aerobics and Fitness Association of America certification program offers two courses, including personal trainer and primary group exercise. Each online certification course consists of a series of 14 streaming video lectures and an online multiple-choice exam. The organization's Multitraining Live Web conferencing system allows instructors to conduct online practical exams.

The personal trainer course includes lectures on topics such as cardiac programming, health screening, and behavior modification and communication skills. Lecture topics for the primary group certification course include alignment and evaluation, as well as choreography and practical training skills.

Each online course includes a downloadable study guide, a set of sample questions, and a short video lecture review that summarizes the course’s key points. Course participants also have live face-to-face access with instructors through an online video conferencing system. The course also includes a 50-minute group Multitraining Live session.

At the end of the personal trainer online course, participants take a two-hour multiple-choice exam with 120 questions. For the primary group exercise course, a 100-question multiple-choice exam lasts one hour. An online practical exam follows the multiple-choice exam.

Participants need to complete the course within one year of the date of enrollment, but extensions are available for a fee.