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Courier Express is a firm that specializes in providing courier, freight and warehousing services. They make a wide range of deliveries from letters to truck loads of packages both locally and long distance. Their warehousing services include storing inventory, product distribution and shipping items to the client's customers.

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Courier Express makes deliveries for the health care, retail and pharmaceutical industries. They deliver medical specimens, such as blood and organs in accordance with temperature and safety handling procedures for routine and emergency requests to hospitals and medical centers. The firm delivers pharmaceuticals to pharmacies and hospitals from wholesale outlets. They also deliver office products and furniture for distributors to businesses and residences.

Since being founded in 1985, Courier Express has grown into one of the largest courier services in America. The firm has been run by William Messerly and his two sons since 1990. They deliver all across the country, and have acquired over 3,000 customers as of 2014. State-of-the-art technology keeps costs down and efficiency up, and the company offers billing formats that can be used as management tools. Some of the advanced features include barcode scanning, signature capturing, automated delivery proof, online tracking, radio and digital communications, emergency backup plans, and fleets equipped with global positioning systems. Courier Express provides support and services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, delivers packages according to the customer's schedule and can provide a dedicated driver when needed.

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