How Do You Get Coupons for Velveeta Products?

To get coupons for Kraft Velveeta cheese, search the Kraft Foods website and become a Kraft First Taste member, recommends the official website. Customers can also get coupons for Velveeta using a general coupon website, such as

Use the following steps to receive coupons for Kraft Velveeta cheese products.

  1. Go to the Kraft Foods website
  2. Go to the company's official website and click on "sign in/Register" at the bottom of the screen. Customers need to have a free account with Kraft Foods to save and print coupons, notes the website.

  3. Create an account
  4. Complete the form to create an account.

  5. Go to the coupons page
  6. Click on "Coupons" located in the upper portion of the homepage. Kraft Foods lists four coupon options: digital coupons, printable coupons, store deals and the First Taste newsletter.

  7. Choose coupon type
  8. Choose the preferred coupon type. For example, choosing digital coupons will display a list of stores that have Kraft coupons available.

  9. Choose the store
  10. If "digital coupon" is chosen, choose the desired supermarket. Skip this step if "printable coupon" is chosen.

  11. Filter by type
  12. Filter the coupon list to display only those in the "Food" category to see ones for Velveeta products.

  13. Add the coupon
  14. Click on "clip" to print the Velveeta coupon or "add" to send the digital coupon to the account.