How Do You Find Coupons for Free Toilet Paper?

A good way to get coupons for free toilet paper is to visit the websites of different toilet paper brands. Many of them have a coupons or discounts page that lists coupons for free toilet paper or other promotions. Other resources are independent discount or coupon websites such as

Charmin's coupon page has a link that goes directly to its coupons listed on While not always for free toilet paper, many of the coupons give consumers solid discount off the total price of the product. Scott provides coupons after signing up on their website. It is free and easy to sign up. After doing so, the site sends coupons periodically to the person's email address. These may include any type of coupons, from free toilet paper to special discounts on the newest products.

Angel Soft also has a useful coupons page on its website. The coupons on the Angel Soft website change periodically, offering specials such as a free pack of toilet paper or a discount on a certain type of toilet paper. The Angel Soft website has coupons that are printable, but may require allowing a pop-up on its website. People with ad-blocking software need to disable it first.