How Do You Find Coupons for Icon Parking in New York City?

Find coupons for Icon Parking in New York City by visiting There are over 200 Icon Parking facilities located in New York City as of 2015, notes the company's official website. Coupon or deal sites such as may also feature these types of offers. offers deals such as a 24-hour pass that is good at any Icon Parking location in New York City. As of 2015, there is a deal that provides 51 percent off the original value for this type of parking, states To get this deal, click on the Buy button on and follow the instructions to get the offer.

To find coupons for a specific Icon Parking facility anywhere within New York City, go to the company's official website and click on the Coupons tab located at the top of the home page. This redirects to a page with a map of New York City. Click on any city region found on the provided map to get a listing of parking facilities in that specific area. Click on the rates given for each facility on the list to see the available coupon offers and print them out. There are over 400 discount coupons listed on the company website as of 2015.