How Do You Get Coupons for Goodwill?

One option for consumers who want coupons for Goodwill is to download the mobile app for smartphones or tablets. This option allows customers to select the Goodwill that is closest to them and view any coupons available at that store.

The exact coupons available from Goodwill vary based on the location. For example, the Goodwill Arizona website gives customers the option to download a 5 percent off coupon without submitting any personal or demographic information. However, customers who sign up for the email newsletter on the Goodwill Arizona website receive 20 percent off monthly coupons, as well as other offers.

The website for Goodwill Industries of Northeast Indiana states that coupons are on the back of receipts at several retailers in the area, such as Scotts, Kroger and Owens. The site also gives customers the option to download coupons for a set dollar amount of a purchase.

However, some Goodwill locations do not accept any type of coupons. The website for Goodwill Manasota states that none of its retail stores accept coupons as of January 5, 2015. The website goes on to state that instead of coupons, the stores offer different sales and promotions in addition to the regular sales the stores have.