How Do You Find Coupons and Discounts?

coupons-discounts Credit: VStock LLC/Getty Images

Coupons and discounts can be located in newspapers, online and on smartphone apps. Additionally, there are several blogs that publish the coupons and discounts that are currently available.

The simplest and most traditional source for coupons and discounts is the newspaper. Anyone seeking coupons can buy more than one newspaper in order to stack coupons and multiply savings. Also, it is possible to get free newspapers through friends, family or store surpluses, which multiplies savings without incurring additional costs. Newspapers carry the most coupons on Sundays.

There are several sites online that publish coupons and discounts. is a leading site for various manufacturer and product coupons. is one of many manufacturer-specific sites that exclusively publish its own product line's coupons. offers cash back on the purchase of designated items, and purchases are tracked through store loyalty cards.

Smartphone apps such as Ibotta and Jingit allow users to purchase groceries or other household items at particular retailers, scan the receipts of these purchases and receive rebates on eligible purchases. Other apps such as Checkout 51, Snap, Shrink and Shopmium offer similar rebates that are not specific to any particular retailer.

Lastly, blogs such as offer resources and education on couponing, including catalogs of coupons that are currently available, and are an invaluable resource for staying current on obtaining coupons and discounts.