How Do You Get Coupons for Butchart Gardens?


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Coupons for Butchart Gardens admission and activities are available from the Victoria Entertainment Coupon Book, local newspaper circulars and coupon mailers, or large third party discount sites such as SavingStory.com and 2015Savings.com, as of 2016. The park itself offers season passes that provide discounts on various amenities as well as an email newsletter and social media promotions with information on special deals.

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Butchart Gardens is located in the Victoria region of British Columbia, Canada, so that is the best region to look for printed promotions. Book sellers in the area generally carry the Victoria Entertainment Coupon Book, which offers savings on dining, shopping and activities at the park. American discount sites may not offer promotions for a Canadian park or may link to the organization's own promotions if they do. One sample promotion was a $5-off coupon in 2015.

The 2015 Regular Pass allows holders to enter the park an unlimited number of times for one calendar year. It excludes fireworks nights and special event days, but holders can be refunded the regular admission price if they leave the park by a particular time on these dates. The 2016 Fireworks Pass includes one fireworks night of the purchaser's choice prior to the pass's expiration date, with the same restrictions as above on any additional fireworks nights. Holders of either pass also receive a 10 percent discount on the park's restaurants, gift shops and any guests accompanying them. They also receive $2 off boat tours.

Youth of 13 to 17 and children under 13 receive a discount on either pass type, though they do not receive the discounted rate on guest admissions. Promotional pricing is also available to large groups.

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