How Do You Find Coupons for Alcon?

How Do You Find Coupons for Alcon? offers coupons and special offers for several Alcon products as of 2015. The website requires all users to register new accounts before receiving offers. The EyeFile system registration does require personal information for any services and information you request. You are allowed to change personal information at any time to receive different services.

EyeFile maintains all personal information and asserts that it is not sold to any outside organizations. Alcon does share information with third parties that manage services you request but assures your information is protected. The EyeFile system provides customizable reminders for upcoming eye care appointments and contact lens supply refills. The system also allows features access to doctor discussion guides and checklists to assist with eye care appointments.

As of 2015, Alcon also provides customers with patient assistance programs, such as Alcon Cares. The service is a public program that provides free eye care medication to qualified low-income residents in the United States. Qualified patients must provide proof of income and submit applications for the service.

Alcon Care product donations are regulated by several U.S. Government agencies and require patients to provide signed prescriptions. Visitors to can apply for Alcon Care online, and the site provides contact information to apply by phone.