How Do You Get Coupons for 3M Command Hooks?

Coupons for 3M Command hooks are available on Command's website. Savings range from around 50 cents to a dollar per pack purchased. They can be printed directly from the site or emailed to a valid email address. Entering identifying information such as an email address, first name, birth year and ZIP code ensures that new coupons are regularly sent to the email provided.

3M Command hooks with clear strips blend into the wall and are virtually undetectable. To apply, clean the area with rubbing alcohol to remove debris or oily residue. Select a strip, take off the black liner labeled "Wall Side," and place the strip on the wall, firmly pressing down for at least 30 seconds. Take off the blue liner, and press the hook onto the strip for 30 seconds. Wait at least an hour to use the hook, as the adhesive takes time to bond.

Hooks featuring designs and colors are also available, many of which have a base for extra support. Install them by first wiping the wall with rubbing alcohol and then removing the red liner from one of the strips. Place the strip onto the back side of the hook with the sticky side facing away, and then firmly press the sticky side on the wall for at least 30 seconds. Slide the hook off the base, and press for an additional 30 seconds. Slide the hook back on, and wait an hour to use it.

To remove 3M Command hooks, grasp the tab located at the bottom of the adhesive. Slowly pull straight down until the hook releases from the strip and the strip comes off the wall.