How Do You Find a Coupon for SnipSnap?

SnipSnap is a coupon application that allows users to photograph coupons with their mobile devices. Users can photograph almost any kind of print coupon; the app then converts this photograph into a scannable bar code, making it possible for users to redeem coupons without keeping a physical copy of the coupon on their person. Suitable sources for SnipSnap coupons include coupons distributed by mail or printed in newspapers and magazines, notes

One way to find coupons to add to SnipSnap is to look for physical coupons distributed by mail, including packaged coupons or coupon booklets. Look for coupons for specific retail stores and restaurants, as these are the most suitable for the SnipSnap app.

Sunday newspapers are a particularly good source for coupons to add to the SnipSnap app. Coupons for locally owned stores and restaurants are suitable options. Magazine ads that include coupons may also be a good source for coupons to add to SnipSnap.

As of September 2015, SnipSnap does not accept manufacturer coupons, as reported in the iTunes App Store. Users who are unsure whether they have a manufacturer coupon can try to add the coupon to the app. Grocery coupons are typically manufacturer coupons, so try to avoid this type of coupon when searching for coupons to add to the app.

SnipSnap also has a community feature that allows users to search coupons uploaded by other uses. This can be a way of finding usable coupons that are already added to the app.