How Do You Get Coupon Codes for Tommie Copper? provides a 15 percent off coupon code for your next order. By signing up to Tommie Copper’s mailing list, you can receive your coupon code in your email’s inbox. When visiting the website, enter your email at the bottom of the website or in a pop-up that appears. Signing up allows you to receive Tommie Copper news and special offers. The company also provides the option to opt out of its mailing list at any time.

Coupon codes are entered in the website’s shopping cart page. Once all items have been selected, enter the coupon code in the “DISCOUNT CODE” field, then click “APPLY.” The coupon code must be entered before you proceed to the checkout. As of 2015, all coupon codes and promotional offers are only valid for orders shipping in the United States. Only one coupon code can be used for each order.

Founded in 2010, Tommie Copper is a compression apparel company that is designed to help its customers. The clothing’s compression aids in muscle recovery and relief from everyday aches. All of Tommie Copper’s compression garments are infused with copper and zinc fabric, called CopperZnergy. CopperZnergy helps protect skin from harmful UV rays and also eliminates odors caused by microbes on fabric.